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Our Airborne XT

About Airborne Trikes

We use quality Rotax aircraft engines in all of our current designs.

Feel confident when you fly, choose a certified aircraft. Our aircraft are certified to Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) requirements. Our design's are tested to 6g positive and 3g negative. That's a massive 2500kgs+ or 5511+ pounds in load applied to the wing for the positive test. Other test requirements include landing load, deceleration and weld testing. The Airborne factory is a CASA approved facility.

Airborne microlights are certified or approved for many countries including, Australia, UK, France, Israel, Germany and the USA. These approvals allow Airborne to be flown in many other countries which include the UAE, South America and India. In the USA they are flown in the Special Light Sport Aircraft or Experimental Light Sport Aircraft category.

Our Trike has a gross weight of 992 lbs. with a fuel duration of around 4 hrs. With the Cruze wing on it, the cruising speed is about 65-70 mph. The tundra model makes it ideal for off airport operations, but we usually keep it on the runways. I don't like it getting dirty!!!

These are safe and reliable aircraft!!!